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Got a refrigerator that doesn’t refrigerate? A washer that can’t wash? A dryer that doesn’t dry? Appliance repairs are a specialty of ours. Our work is guaranteed, and our company goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. And, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg either. You will receive quality work at competitive prices. That’s the Williams Brothers HVAC & Appliances way.

We’ll start by examining the problem. One of our skilled staff members will check your appliance to determine exactly what is wrong. Many times, the problem will be something simple that we can fix without having to replace the appliance itself.

Here are some issues that look like serious appliance repairs but are really simple fixes:

Water in the refrigerator – This is often caused by a clogged defrost drain in the freezer. The clogged drain causes water to back up and run into the refrigerator. Clear the drain, and the problem is fixed.

Dishwasher won’t fill – There is a float switch in the dishwasher. If it gets stuck or blocked by something, the dishwasher won’t fill. Free the switch, and all is well.

Clothes dryer heats up but clothes stay wet – Lint in the ducts leading out of the dryer can trap moisture and reduce airflow. Clearing the ducts “fixes” the dryer.

Dryer never heats up – While it may seem that the dryer is dead, it probably isn’t. This problem is often caused by a special fuse that prevents the machine from overheating. Clearing the ducts and replacing the fuse usually does the trick.

So, if your dryer or other appliance stops working right, call us before rushing out to replace it. We’ll figure out the problem and let you know all your options.

With any luck we’ll be able to do the appliance repairs for you right then and there and save you a bundle of cash too.

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